5 Ways To Reset A Well Pump Pressure Switch Without A Lever – Guide For Well Owners

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If you have noticed that the pressure of the water being supplied from the well water system into your home isn’t enough, then know that there is an issue with the pressure settings on your well pump pressure switch, and you need to reset it. 

A well pump pressure switch controls when a water pump goes on and off, using pre-set cut-in and cut-off pressure. 

The cut-in pressure is the lower pressure level that turns the water pump on, while the cut-off pressure is the higher pressure that, when reached, turns the well water pump off.  

The difference between the pre-set cut-in and cut-off pressure on the well pump pressure switch is 20 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), so if the cut-off pressure is 60 PSI, then the cut-in pressure will be 40, and so on. 

However, at some point, the pressure range of these settings becomes unable to reach your home’s pressure requirement and leads to low pressure in your water supply, and you will need to reset your well pump pressure switch.

The easiest way to do this is to use a reset lever, but sadly, not all pressure control switches are built with this lever, and for those with one, the lever might develop a fault. 

So, in this article, I will show you different ways to reset your well pressure switch, even if it doesn’t have a reset lever or if your lever develops a fault, and also how to detect if there is anything wrong with your well pump pressure switch.

Let’s Begin.

5 Ways To Reset A Well Pump Pressure Switch Without Lever

Turn The Large Spring  

To gain access to the large spring, you can use to reset the pump pressure switch. First, unfasten the nut on top of it and remove its cover. 

After removing the cover, you will see a label showing the settings used on the factory switch and the spring you will use to reset the cut-on and cut-off pressure settings.

To increase the cut-on or cut-off pressure, move the nut clockwise but to decrease the cut-on or cut-off pressure, move the nut counterclockwise. 

While doing this, ensure you watch the pressure gauge to view where the pressure is currently.

Also, bear in mind that if you reset the cut-on pressure, you will also need to reset the air charge of the water pressure tank

This is because the air charge of the pressure tank is supposed to be less than the cut-on pressure with 2 PSI, so increasing or decreasing the pressure will necessitate changing the air charge to meet the required difference.   

Note: If you set the cut-off pressure to a high-pressure level that your well pump cannot produce, the pump will refuse to shut off, and this will cause your pump motor to fail. 

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Change The Pump Controller 

When your pump controller develops a fault, your water pump is also affected, and changing it will reset the pump switch. 

To change your pump controller, first of all, you must get a new controller, which you will replace the one you are removing with.

After you have gotten the replacement, you can disconnect the pump cover. 

After that, remove the screw at the bottom, lift off the box, and then disconnect it.

Now, replace the old pump cover with the new one, place it over the old box, and start the pump.

After starting the pump, you will notice that the switch has been reset. 

Note: These steps will work perfectly if your controller is designed with a capacitor in it that will make the pump start, but if the controller is attached to the pump, then you will need a professional to change it, so this is the case with your controller, endure to hire the services an expert.

Also note that if the new controller you purchase and the old one you are replacing isn’t from the same brand, then you will need to rewire the new controller, but if they are both from the same brand, then rewiring won’t be needed. 

Depress The Air Valve 

One of the situations that come with a switch problem is a waterlogged tank; depressing the air valve is a great way to reset the switch. 

The air valve is situated at the top of the tank, so locate it and use a screwdriver to unfasten the plastic cover on top of it. 

Next, use the screwdriver to depress the air valve and check if water is coming out. 

When you see water coming out, know that the pump pressure switch has been reset. 

Check And Possibly Change The Well Pump Pressure Switch

To check if a well pressure switch is still in excellent condition to be reset or has been damaged, you must first think about its electric contacts.

To do this, use a screwdriver to hit the tube below the switch and remove the pump cover. 

After you have successfully done this, inspect whether a spark is produced. 

If it produces sparks, it is a sign that the switch has spoiled, and you need to get a new switch and replace it before resetting it.

But if it fails to produce a spark, it is a sign that the switch is in excellent condition to be reset.

After you have found out that the pressure switch is damaged and needs to be replaced, you must examine the well pressure tank and check if it has been waterlogged or not, and also if the tripping of the double-pole circuit breaker is still on or it.

When you are done with the examination, use a screwdriver to remove the wires of the switch and then use Teflon tape to wrap up possible tubing threats. 

Let the wrap-ups remain on the wires for a little while, and then reassemble and connect them back.

However, if you haven’t gotten a replacement switch, you can temporarily make your burnt electric contacts work quickly. 

First, turn off your power button and use a voltage tester to ensure it is properly turned off. 

Next, use a nail file to remove the burnt areas on the electric contacts and pull them open. 

Note: This will only be for a short period, so endeavor to get a replacement switch speedily. 

Hire A Professional 

In as much as there are specific issues you can handle on your own, whenever you notice unusual situations in your well system, hire a professional to check it and probably fix it.

Situations such as a bad check valve, a bad connection, a clicking sound from your pressure switch or your pump without water flow, or an overflow of water require the services of a professional. 

So, if you are experiencing this kind of situation, endeavor to call on a professional well guy or pump man to check up on your well water pump, reset your pump pressure switch for you, and make it return to its regular operation.  

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How To Know If Your Pressure Switch Needs Fixing Or A Reset 

Check Out For Bad Connections

To check for bad connections in your pressure switch, remove the switch cover, turn on the switch, and use a hammer and handle to hit the tube below the switch to spin the contacts. 

If, after doing this, you notice sparks when the well pump turns on, your pump pressure switch is bad, and you need to change it. 

However, if you hit the tube and the well turns on afterward, then know there is a bad connection in your switch, sponsored by burnt or pitted electrical contacts.

Inspect The Electric Contacts 

To check this, you must pull apart the electric contacts, but before that, ensure you disconnect the internal spring. 

After pulling apart the electric contacts, check how the level of the water pressure and also the reaction of the switch. 

If the water pressure stays low and the switch remains open, then that indicates that you need to reset your switch.

Check The Switch’s Metal Discs

Well-pump pressure tanks are built with metal discs, so ensure you pull them apart and examine if they are burnt and pitted out. 

If any one of them is either burnt or pitted out, know that they have bad contacts and that you need to reset the pump pressure switch. 

Check The Internal Spring 

To check the internal spring, you must carry out short cycling. 

Carrying out cycling means turning on the faucet closest to your water pump. 

If you notice the pressure going down during cycling, then there is a good chance that your internal spring is bad and your pressure switch needs to reset.

But if it reacts alternatively, it is a sign that your internal spring doesn’t have an issue and your pressure switch doesn’t need to be reset.

Access The Switch 

To access the switch, use a screwdriver to move the plastic switch cover on top of the tank counterclockwise and uncover it.

Removing the cover will help you to have a closer look and adequately check whether or not there are leaks. 

You can also check for leaks in other places, like the downside of the switch. 

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How To Reset Well Pump Pressure Switch Without Lever Summary

Hopefully, with all the alternative methods I have described in this article, you now know what to do to solve your pressure switch problem and reset your well pump pressure switch even if your lever is spoilt or your pressure switch isn’t built with a lever.