How To Add Salt To Water Softener

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So you’re wondering how to add salt to your water softener? Good news, we’ve made a simple guide for you. Use it now or the next time you need to add salt.

But before we start, let me ask you. Are you considering buying a salt-free water softener? Sure it sounds good not to add or buy any salt. But which is better?

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How to Add Salt to a Water Softener

Adding salt to your brine tank is easy but very important. Because if your water softener doesn’t have enough salt, it can’t work properly by turning hard water into soft water. You don’t want to run your water softener without any salt.

1.      Turn your water softener off

Before looking inside the brine tank, you should turn the unit off.

2.      Find your water softener’s brine tank.

Often the brine tank is labeled with brine or salt. Look at the shorter tank containing salt if you can’t find any labels. Once you open the lid and see salt inside, you’ve found the right place.

3.      Check the salt level

Check the brine tank’s salt level. You should add more salt if it’s half-full or with less salt.

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4.      Make sure there isn’t any salt bridge

Take a look inside the brine tank. Can you see any salt bridges? If you can, use a broom handle or a small shovel to break them and break up the left-encrusted salt.

5.      Look for salt mushes

Sometimes there can be salt mushes below the salt bridges. Which happens if you haven’t cleaned the tank for a while. It has a consistency like sludge and prevents the water from flowing as it should.

Removing the salt and cleaning the brine tank may be a good idea. Because if you don’t, the sludge will clog the valves, raising the water level inside the brine tank.

6.      Add salt to your brine tank

Now when the brine tank is clean and free from any bridges or mushes, you can add salt. Sometimes it can be a good idea to be two if the bag is heavy. Pour in the salt until the fill line, which mostly is ¾ quarters of the tank. Don’t fill the salt to the brim.

7.      Put the lid back and let the regeneration cycle start

Before you switch the system on again, let the water softener run the regeneration process, which takes 80-90 minutes. 

Knowing how much salt your water softener needs is essential because it will work at full capacity with the right amount of salt.

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How to add salt to water softener

What Type Of Salt Should You Add?

Picking the right salt for your water softener is essential. Salt pellets are very effective due to their purity. If the salt is pure, it has less insoluble materials like small rocks or particles of earth. Pure salt won’t leave so much residue in the resin bed. 

Therefore you won’t have so many problems with clogging or salt bridging, which is nice. 

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How Often To Add Salt to a Water Softener?

A good rule of thumb is to add salt to a water softener brine tank two times a month. Try to check your brine tank on a regular basis, and if the water level has risen to submerge the salt, it might be a good idea to top it up a notch. How much salt you must add comes down to a number of factors, like your water hardness levels and how much water you’re using.

But try to keep track of your salt usage, so you can have bags ready at home when needed.

Other factors, like the size or age of your water softener, also affect how often you need to add salt. Older systems don’t work as efficiently as our modern systems. So if you have an old water softener at home, consider buying a new one. In the long run, it can be a better choice since the salt use will be less, which means you will save a lot of money.

Are you looking into buying a new salt for your water softener? Check our guide for the best salts for water softeners.

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FAQ How To Add Salt To Water Softener

How To Reset A Water Softener After Adding Salt 

You must reset the salt level indicator every time you add salt to your water softener. Press the button that says recharge, and hold

it is in for three seconds. 

Why It’s Important To Add Salt To a Water Softener

It’s pretty simple, if you don’t have salt in your water softener, you will have issues with hard water. If you have hard water in your home, you will have problems with appliances like your washing machine or dishwasher. It can also cause problems with your skin and your eyes.

How Much Salt Does a Water Softener Add To The Water?

Water softener salt doesn’t add much at all. Milk has five times more salt than tap water, which makes soft water safe to drink.

How Low Should You Let Your Water Softener Run Out Of Salt?

Well, if the salt level is less than half, it’s a clear sign that you must refill. But the best thing would be to check your brine tank twice a month.

Tip: Put a reminder in your phone. That way, you won’t forget to add more salt.

Can I Put Too Much Salt In My Water Softener?

Yes, it’s possible. If you add too much salt, it will cause salt bridging or solidification of the salt.

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How To Add Salt To Water Softener Summary

I hope you found this guide easy.

As you discovered, adding salt to your water softener isn’t so hard.

Also, consider looking into the new modern water softeners on the market since they use less salt and can remove the hardness of your water more effectively.