12 Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water + Buyers Guide 2023

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Using hard water in your home puts your water-using appliances, such as your water faucets, water heaters, washing machines, etc., at risk of damage. 

Using this type of water in these appliances causes hard water buildup in them and also causes clogging.

So, if you have hard water in your home’s water supply, it is a good idea to look for possible solutions to curb these effects from your appliances, especially your faucet.

The good news is that hard water faucets are built to prevent the adverse effects of hard water on conventional faucets. 

However, there are countless of them available in the market, so to save you the stress, I have carefully searched the market and selected the 12 best faucets which can handle the hard water deposits in your kitchen and highlighted them in this buying guide. 

I have also included the essential factors you should consider before choosing the perfect faucet to solve the hard water problems in your kitchen.

So, read this article before choosing the best kitchen faucet for your home.

Let’s get right into the topic of the day. 

12 Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

Moen Spot-Resistant Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet 

This single-handle kitchen faucet from the Moen brand is built for ease and efficiency. 

It is designed with a stainless finish which prevents hard water spots from forming on it and doesn’t leave prints when you touch it, hence keeping it sparkling. 

In addition, it is built with Motionsense technology with two sensors that allow you to make water flow from it by moving your hands. 

It also has a smart water app and voice command technology that you can use to regulate the temperature and flow of the water.

You can also retract this Moen kitchen faucet and move it in any way you desire, all thanks to its reflex system. 

Also, it has an aerated system and a powerful cleaning technology that applies more force to the spray and makes cleaning messes faster. 

The Moen brand is renowned for producing top-quality products, and this piece of art is one of them. 


• It is easy to install. 

• It is built with a stainless finish, preventing hard water spots from forming.

• You can make water flow from it by just moving your hands. 

• It has a smart water app and voice command technology that you can use to regulate the temperature and flow of the water.

• It has an aerated system and a powerful cleaning technology that applies more force to the water coming from the spray and makes cleaning messes faster.

• It is durable and has ‎a limited lifetime warranty.


• If the faucet breaks down, you might have to wait for the parts to be replaced for close to a month. 

• It is expensive.  

Delta Faucet With Single Handle

If you are looking for a faucet that will last longer than the industry standards, and won’t leak, then this is the right kitchen faucet for you.

This Delta Kitchen Faucet is built with diamond seal technology, including a diamond ceramic disc and one-piece supply lines with one less leak point than other faucets, to ensure it doesn’t leak and the seals don’t wear out.

It also has a magnetic docking system that holds the kitchen spray perfectly in place and prevents it from sagging after it has been used for a certain period. 

In addition, this faucet features rubber touch-clean spray holes, ensuring that the entire calcium buildup or any other mineral buildup is wiped out of your water system, leaving no residue.

It is also available in four different colors, which you can choose from. 


• The water flow from its spray is focused and powerful.

• It is sturdy and durable.

• It is easy to install and is built to fit various hole configurations.

• It is available in different colors. 


• Most times, the installation instructions sent with the faucet are wrong.

In this case, endeavor to call the brand’s support team for directions.

WEWE Stainless Steel Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet 

This stainless steel kitchen faucet from the WEWE brand is a typical definition of beauty and efficiency.

It is sleek, corresponds to most sinks’ look, and has a brushed nickel finish.

It also has unique features like the ceramic disc cartridge valve type, 360-degree spout swivel, and a 70-inch faucet hose which work together to ensure its full functionality. 

With its 4.8/5 stars rating and Number 1 best seller ranking on Amazon, it is safe to say this faucet is undoubtedly among the best in the market. 

In addition to its top quality, this faucet is easy to install and can be installed on any side you wish, whether left, right, or center. 

This faucet delivers more quality results than faucets that cost far more than it does and performs far better than expected. 


• It has a sleek design.

• It is durable.

• Its spray has a pause feature. 

• It can be mounted on either a 1-hole or 3-hole setup. 

• It is affordable

• It is easy to install. 

• It is rust and corrosion-resistant.


• If ordered On Amazon, you can not return this product even if the parts aren’t suitable or you discover a faulty. 

Kohler Kitchen Faucet 

The Kohler Kitchen Faucet is built in a way that allows you to regulate your water flow with ease.

In addition, its spray head is built with three different spray settings: the Sweet spray, Aerated stream spray, and Berrysoft spray technologies.

The Sweet spray and aerated stream spray modes are designed to release water with so much power to correctly fill and clean your large pots, dirty plates, or sinks. 

The Berrysoft spray mode, on the other hand, releases water lightly and is for gently washing your fruits and vegetables.

The artifacts faucet’s spray head is held firmly in place by its magnetic docking system, its ceramic disc valve ensures its durability, and its MasterClean spray face holds firm against mineral buildup.

This pull-down kitchen faucet is also built with a rugged stainless finish and is available in five colors. 


• It has different spray functions for other purposes.

• It is easy to install.

• It is available in different colors. 

• It is built with a long-lasting finish and has ‎a limited lifetime warranty.


• There are several complaints of the products arriving broken or getting broken after being used for a short while. 

• It is expensive. 

Delta Cassidy Faucet With Magnetic Docking System 

The Cassidy Faucet is the second faucet from the renowned Delta brand on this list, and its place is well-deserved. 

Its spray has a 360 swivel and a 20-inch hose which you can move around quickly. 

Its spray head also has touch-clean spray holes, which ensures that mineral buildup is removed from your water system with just a finger touch.

It also has diamond seal technology to reduce leaks and a magnetic docking system to hold the sprayer head firmly. 


• It is sturdy and durable.

• It has a limited lifetime warranty.

• It is easy to install.


• It doesn’t include a 3-hole installation plate.

• It is expensive.

American Standard Polished Chrome Kitchen Faucet 

The American Standard polished chrome kitchen faucet combines pure beauty and high performance.

It is built with brass material, making it tarnish, scratch, and corrosion-resistant even after being used for a long time. 

It also has a ceramic disc valve which ensures it performs at a top level without leaking or requiring maintenance.

In addition, it has a pause feature, high-arc nozzle, pull-down spaying system, and an adjustable spray pattern which allows you to move the spray head freely. 


• It is sturdy and durable.

• Its spray has a pause feature.

• It is easy to install.

• It is available in different finishes. 

• It has ‎a limited lifetime warranty.


• It doesn’t come with supply lines. Those that come are very short. 

• Getting a replacement unit takes a lot of time. 

Kingo Kitchen Faucet 

Kingo Kitchen Faucet is an affordable and fully functional faucet. 

Its sprayer head can operate on both the stream and spray settings, and its spout can turn 360 degrees.

It is also built with a single handle which helps your water’s flow rate and temperature.

In addition, it is easy to clean and resists rust, tarnish, corrosion, fingerprints, and also spots from hard water, hence making cleaning easy.

It is easy to install, all thanks to the step-by-step installation instructions provided and the required hardware and hoses that it comes with. 


• It is affordable.

• It is easy to clean.

• It is easy to install. 

• It has a 90-day return and money-back assurance and lifetime free replacement.


• Due to the pressure at which the water comes out of the spray head, it might splash out of the sink and to the floor. 

Owofan Kitchen Faucet With LED Technology 

This Owofan Kitchen Faucet is built with modern technologies to provide you with efficiency and ease.

Its long-lasting one-piece sprayer head is designed with two spray settings: the stream mode with an LED light and the spray mode with no LED light. 

The LED light on the spray head during stream mode is in three different colors, with each signifying a different temperature.

When the water temperature is less than 95°F, it will flash a blue light, and when the water temperature is between 95°F and 115°F, it will spark a green light.

And when the temperature of the water is between 115°F to 140°F, it will flash a red light, which signifies that it is very hot. 

This faucet’s spout is also designed to turn 360 degrees, making it easy for you to reach all areas of the sink without stress. 

It also has a single-handle design that can easily regulate water flow volume and temperature. 

In addition, it offers this much quality but is so for an affordable price, and its installation is as easy as ABC. 


• It has LED lights that change according to your water temperature level. 

• It is corrosion and heat-resistant.

• It is sturdy and durable. 

• It is easy to install. 


• Some people complain that the LED light stopped working after a certain period.   

Kraus Kitchen Faucet 

The Kraus Oletto Kitchen Faucet has a stainless steel finish to keep hard water spots away and a QuickDock mounting system to hold it firmly under the sink. 

Its flexible sprayer head, which can reach all parts of the sink, is also designed to carry out two spray functions: the aerated stream function and the spray mode, which releases water with a powerful force from the spray to help clean, scrub and rinse your pots and plates properly.

It is also built with a unique design that can match any kitchen sink and is made durable, which can resist corrosion and rust and ensure that it lasts for a long time. 


• It is easy to install.

• It doesn’t require batteries to function. 

• Its spray head is flexible. 

• It is also built with a unique design that can match any kitchen sink.

• It is durable and efficient.


• The sprayer head is not firmly held in place while selecting a spray function, and this causes it to make a lot of noise when the water pressure increases.

• It might be too tall if you have a cabinet under your sink.

NeierThodore Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet 

The NeierThodore Kitchen Faucet is made with a brushed nickel material and either a stainless steel or brass finish for long-lasting use. Unlike other spring faucets, it has a sprayer design that you can turn and keep on without needing to use your hand to keep the spray open. 

This rugged pull-down faucet is also built to resist rust, bacteria, and fingerprints. 

Also, its spray head has a LED light in three different colors, which turns on immediately after the water turns on and off immediately after the water turns off.

Each of these LED light colors signifies a different temperature.

All the tools needed to install this faucet is provided in its package, and its installation is easy and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. 


• It has LED lights that change according to your water temperature level.

• It has a single-handle design to make resulting it stress-free.

• It is easy to install. 

• It has a high arc spout design that can turn 360 degrees.

• It can be installed on either a 1-hole or 3-hole setup.


• It leaks after being used for a particular time. 

• Its led light tends to stop working after a certain period.

BASDEHEN Kitchen Faucet 

The exceptional features used to build this faucet make it impossible not to add it to this list. 

It is built with a durable ceramic valve inside, preventing it from leaking, and can be installed on either a 1-hole or 3-hole basin setup.

It also has a double-head string of stainless steel and brass to provide beauty and corrosion resistance. 

In addition, it has a single handle that regulates the mixture of hot and cold water.  


• It is durable. 

• It can be installed on either a 1-hole or 3-hole setup.

• It is affordable. 

• It resists corrosion. 


• It doesn’t have a pull-down hose. 

• Some of these packages come without a deck plate. 

• The sprayer head tends to leak after being used for a short period.  

Appaso Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet With Deck Plate

Built with an Oil rubbed bronze finish and a stainless steel sprout construction, this faucet is made with lead-free materials and protected by patents.

It is resistant to hard water spots and fingerprints, and its hoses are resistant to high temperatures.

The installation of this faucet takes less than 20 minutes, and it has a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty placed on it. 


• It is affordable. 

• It is fingerprint and spot resistant. 

• It is sturdy and durable. 

• It has a 90-day money-back guarantee.

• It is easy to install. 


  • It doesn’t come with a plate to cover possible sinkholes.

Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing A Kitchen Faucet For Your Home


Before choosing a faucet for your kitchen, you must first check which material it is made up of.

Ensure you choose a faucet built with a material and a ceramic valve that will enhance its durability and be able to put up with the adverse effects of the hard minerals in your hard water supply. 

There are different materials with various faucet finishes available, with the most recommendable ones being the chrome finish, stainless steel finish, and brushed nickel finish, amongst others. 

However, for a durable and corrosion-resistant faucet, you should go for either a brass or stainless steel one.

Faucet Design 

Just like the materials, there are different designs of kitchen faucets available, so you can go through the ones listed above and make a good choice. 

However, while choosing the right faucet design for your home, remember that the more complicated the Design is, the higher the chance of mineral buildup forming on it as time goes on. 

Water Flow Rate And Pressure

Before choosing a faucet for your kitchen, you must ensure that the flow of water it can handle and the level of water pressure it can cope with fits that of your home’s water system.

If its maximum flow rate doesn’t correspond with your home’s water supply, this might lead to low water pressure in your kitchen.  

Handle Design 

Two significant handle designs are available on hard water faucets: single-handle and double-handle designs. 

The double-handle Design lets you individually regulate your water temperature: cold water and hard water. The faucet with a single handle gives you more convenience while cooking. 

So, it is now left to choose which is best for you.

Filter Design 

Before choosing a faucet, you should ensure that it has a filter that can remove the mineral buildup from your hard water supply. 

Faucet filters are built in two primary forms: single-piece and multiple-piece forms. 

The filters with several pieces tend to get damaged easily when covered by hard water stains over a certain period and are also more challenging to clean, so you should go for a faucet with a single-piece filter.

Sprayer Design 

There are also different sprayer designs that kitchen faucets are built with, so ensure you pick the one that best suits how you want your kitchen to be. 

Kitchen faucets mostly come with two spray nozzles: the side sprayer and the pull-down sprayer (also called the pull-out sprayer). 

The side sprayers, as their name implies, are mounted by the side and release water through a separate hole in the countertop.

They are more expensive but tend to cause leaks, as opposed to the pull-down sprayers. 

Also, as their name implies, the pull-down sprayers have a pull-down spray head that releases water from the same single hole as the main faucet head and saves you the stress of dealing with a particular spot in the countertop.

They are also more reliable and lasts longer than their counterpart.

However, both can help you reduce the stress of washing large pots or plates.

Seal Quality 

You must also ensure that the seal is in perfect working condition to prevent leaks properly. 

A faucet with its base covered with a rubber, metal, or ceramic sealing will be more durable and can face the adverse effects of hard water better than faucets without it.

How To Mount It  

How to mount your hard water faucet will depend on how many holes it has. 

If you are using a new kitchen faucet to replace an old one, you need to ensure that both the deck plate and the number of holes match for it to function correctly. 


Before you choose a faucet for your kitchen sink, you should also make sure you have a particular height in mind. This will make the decision process more manageable.

Note: The deeper your kitchen sink is, the taller your faucet should be.

Ease In Cleaning

Also, ensure the faucet you choose is easy to clean or can clean itself of hard water minerals.  

Installation Process

The installation process is another critical factor before choosing a kitchen faucet. 

Suppose you have little money to purchase a new faucet and hire a professional to install it. In that case, you should endeavor to go for a hard water faucet with an easy installation process and DIY Instructions that you can follow to install it yourself.

Reputation Of The Faucet-Producing Brand 

The reputation of the brand that produces the faucet is another factor you should consider. 

When a brand has a track record of producing great hard water faucets, you can be assured that you will get quality for the money you spend on the faucet.


Ensure you choose a faucet that matches your budget. 

There are a lot of functional faucets with great features that you can get at an affordable price.

Also, the hefty price tag placed on a faucet doesn’t always mean that it is the best in the market, so ensure you check out its features and qualities before purchasing it.


The last but not the minor factor you should check before choosing a faucet is the warranty placed on it. 

Some brands place a limited lifetime warranty on the faucets they produce, while others place a few year’s warranty on theirs. 

In this case, the most important thing is ensuring that the faucet has a good warranty. 

12 Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water Summary

In this buying guide, I have highlighted a list of the best kitchen faucet in the market and the factors which, when considered, will help you make an excellent choice of faucet for your kitchen.

Hopefully, after reading this buying guide to the end, you will be able to choose the perfect kitchen faucet for your home. 

Lastly, since the hard water supply in your home is the reason for the mineral deposits in your faucets and other water-using appliances, you should consider getting a water softener to treat your water and supply your home with soft water.