Where To Discharge Water Softener Backwash – The Ultimate Guide

A salt-based water softener system to effectively remove hard water minerals undergoes an ion exchange process involving removing magnesium ions and calcium ions and replacing them with sodium ions or potassium ions to produce softened water.  The withholding of these hard minerals and releasing of salt into the water to produce soft water is done … Read more

Will A Water Softener Remove Iron? – Your Home Guide

Does your water have a metallic taste? Is the water clear from your faucet but turns yellow or red upon standing? Does the water leave ugly yellow, red, or brown iron stains on your laundry or plumbing fixtures? Well then, my friend, you got an iron problem. High levels of iron will affect your water … Read more

Salt Vs. Salt-Free Water Softeners – With or Without Salt?

Water Softeners are widely acknowledged as one of the systems that can handle hard water issues effectively and reduce the negative effects that it has on your clothes, your skin, your home’s water system, and the water-using appliances in your home like your washing machine, water heater and other appliances such as your shower doors.   … Read more