How Often To Water Lavender? Guide (2023)

lavender plant

Watering your lavender plant properly is a delicate matter that, unfortunately, doesn’t have a definite answer. It is not a schedule but something that varies based on different factors. Blooming lavender in your home garden will add beauty to the ambiance. Keep reading to learn how often to water lavender. How Often to Water Lavender? … Read more

How Often To Water Desert Rose? Ultimate Guide 2023

desert rose on a table

Have you planted desert roses domestically and wondered how frequently you need to water the desert plant? The way you care for the desert rose plant is unlike regular plants, as it is native to Africa and the middle east, and you need to imitate the dry conditions if you want to see these succulent … Read more

How Often Do You Water Pothos Plants? Ultimate Guide 2023

pothos plant in a bowl with water

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum), also known as “devil’s ivy,” is a low-maintenance houseplant that is perfect for your indoor plant collection. Be it the heart-shaped golden pothos or the vibrant marble queen pothos, they all are similar with their climbing vines and air-purifying properties. Adaptable to harsh tropical environments, these plants don’t even require constant attention. … Read more

How Often Do You Water Snake Plants? Watering Guide (2023)

snake plant standing next to a window

This article answers the question, “How often do you water snake plants?”. It is not news that plants need to be watered to flourish. However, when dealing with a succulent plant like a snake plant (dracaena trifasciata) which is built with thick leaves and can withstand drought and dry conditions for a long time. You … Read more

How Often To Water Herbs? Guide For Watering (2023)

herbs laying on a wooden countertop

Herb plants are an amazing addition to any garden! Not only are they beautiful to look at with their vibrant colors, but they also provide an abundance of flavor to your favorite dishes and health benefits to your body. Picking fresh herbs in an outdoor herb garden or from small pots indoors is a special … Read more

How Often Do You Water Jade Plants? Watering Guide For 2023

One of the difficulties most people face when growing a plant is giving it the time and care required and watering it frequently. This article answers the question, “how often do you water jade plants?”. However, with succulent plants like jade plants ( crassula ovata ), which possess thick stems and leaves that hold moisture … Read more

How Often Do You Water Jalapeno Plants? Ultimate Guide (2023)

jalapeno plant

Are you ready to spice up your garden with some homegrown jalapenos?  These spicy peppers go very well in many dishes and are relatively easy to grow at home. These delicious peppers are also much tastier than your local grocery store.  But one of the most common issues people seem to have is: how often … Read more

How Often Do You Water Mint Plants? Watering Guide For 2023

a close look at mint plant leaves

Mint plants are herb plants that require a lot of water to flourish; however, using too much or too less water than needed on them will cause harm to them.  To avoid this, you need to know the right watering frequency for this perennial herb plant, set a watering schedule, and follow it accordingly to … Read more

How Often Do You Water Cucumber Plants? Ultimate Guide For 2023

picture of a cucumber plant

Cucumber fruits need a lot of water to grow properly and maintain their crunchiness and firm structure. However, using too less or too much water than your cucumber plant needs will cause adverse effects to it. This guide will give you all the information you need to properly care for your cucumber plants, including how … Read more