How Often Do You Water Yucca Plants? Ultimate Guide (2023)

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Yucca plants are a genus of the Asparagaceae family, and even though they are mainly known for their health benefits, many people enjoy yucca’s presence in their indoor and outdoor plant collections as well. Despite being drought-resistant, watering plays a significant role in this plant’s growth and development.

If you are growing these plants in your home garden, you must wonder, “how often do you water yucca plants?”. Keep reading this article to find out.

How Often Do You Water Yucca Plants? 

two yucca plants

If we speak roughly, it is safe to say that your yucca plant will need watering once every 10-12 days. However, there is no definite schedule that can determine your watering schedule. Just make sure to remember that these plants are highly drought-tolerant and don’t require much water at all. A general rule of thumb is to check the soil’s dryness and only water if it’s damp or at least 50% dry.

Why isn’t there any particular schedule? The answer is quite simple.

Various factors actively affect your plant’s growth and change its physical requirements (including watering needs). Even though yucca doesn’t need much attention, you need to adjust your schedule in accordance with these factors.

If you are curious to learn more about your friendly plant’s watering needs, then take a look below and learn all about it.

Factors That Impact Yucca’s Watering Needs

Yucca is a drought-resistant and low-maintenance plant that doesn’t need your constant fussing, and yet, even this ideal houseplant is mildly affected by some environmental and surrounding elements.

Factors that impact your yucca’s watering needs are comprehensively listed below.


Yucca is a plant capable of absorbing necessary moisture from the surrounding air and being happy with it. The roots will take the essential moisture from the air for their survival and won’t be reliant on you for their water needs.

High humidity means that the moisture-holding capacity of the air is also high, and considering that yucca’s growing season is spring and early summer, the moisture in the air will be elevated. The plant’s watering needs are low.

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Yuccas are desert plants that are content with dry conditions but will thrive in moderate humidity. If your surrounding humidity is high, you’ll need to cut back on watering.

You can increase humidity by misting your plants or putting a humidifier in your house but remember that yucca’s native environment is mainly dry climates, and too much moisture might not be appreciated.


The size of the plant and its pot will determine how much and how often you should water it. Suppose your plant is in its growing stage; at this time, it will need water once every week to establish a strong foundation and maintain a good root system.

Giving an inch of water in the active growth period is usually recommended. However, these water requirements cannot be equaled in gallons because an inch in a small pot may differ from that of a large pot. As for well-established and fully grown yucca cane plants, their rhizomes will hold onto water for a long time and generally need little water.

Caution: be careful to avoid waterlogging of soil.

The type of soil

The type of potting soil or garden soil is one of the main things that affect your plant’s watering needs. Organic matter and soil’s natural properties distinguish them from one another and give them unique specialties,

Some soils have high water retaining capacities, while others are dry soils. Understandably, a plant in high-moisture soil will need less water than others.

Your yucca plant doesn’t necessarily need fertile soil but regular potting soil with good drainage. Being a desert plant, your yucca will not be happy in wet or soggy soil.

You can ensure a good drainage system by adding a lot of drainage holes in your pot. Putting a mixture of sand and small stones will also do the job.

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How Often Do You Water Indoor Yucca Plants?

yucca plant standing indoors

Yuccas are great houseplants, and If you are keeping them indoors, make sure to choose well-draining soil and a pot with several drainage holes. Only water your indoor yucca when the soil’s dryness ranges from 75-100%.

When you do water them, make sure it’s a good soak; water reaches the roots and flows freely from the bottom of the pot.

Being drought-resistant, Yucca doesn’t like sitting in wet soil, so when it comes to watering your potted yucca, always clean out the tray/saucer afterward.

Watering them once in a period of 10-12 days would be more than enough, but occasional misting and cleaning of leaves is never wrong. They will also appreciate deep soaking every once in a while.

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How Often Do You Water Outdoor Yucca Plants?

a yucca plant at the beach

Unlike indoor yucca plants, outdoor ones are not entirely dependent on you for their water source and have access to rain showers.

In some climatic situations where rain is frequent, you might not need to water your plants at all.

The soil will lose its moisture more quickly in the summer because of the full sun exposure and direct heat, so you might need to water them every week if the rain isn’t frequent.

Outdoor yucca plants that are matured and fully established will have deep roots in the ground and won’t be reliant on you for water, even on summer days. So the best tip is to perform a touch test of the soil before watering.

Can You Mist Yucca plants?

Yucca’s watering requirements change during seasons. For instance, it might get more thirsty in intense heat and require an inch of water every week, while a gap of 20 days will be acceptable in winter months. While varying seasonal requirements, you can mist it every once in a while and ensure better growth.

Remember that yucca plants do not necessarily need extra humidity, but moderate humidity is always appreciated.

Important things to remember while misting your yucca 

  1. Spray the leaves only when they are completely dry
  2. Morning and evening are typically the best times for misting
  3. Yucca plants like a temperature of 30-90 degrees Fahrenheit, so always mist after considering the current temperature.

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How To Know If Yucca Plant Needs Water?

a potted yucca plant

Yuccas are low-maintenance plants that barely need any water at all. It is common for these plants to be left neglected in your plant collection, but remember that at the end of the day, yucca is a plant and needs water to survive. But how to know when they need water?

A simple yet effective way is to put your finger about 2.5 inches deep in the soil and observe the soil’s moisture. If it seems 50% dry or even remotely damp, then it’s safe to water. 

Tip: You can also stick a popsicle in the soil; if it comes out dry, it’s time to water it right away.

Caution: Never water a yucca plant when the soil is wet or soggy.

Overwatering Yucca plants

Overwatering is one of the most common problems that can cause a yucca plant to die. If you notice brown tips and a yellowish halo on the leaves, that clearly indicates overwatering. 

As mentioned above, your yucca plant doesn’t like sitting in wet soil, and if necessary precautions aren’t taken, a fungal disease called root rot will occur, and the roots will begin to suffocate and die from within. 

Not only that, but overwatering your outdoor yucca plants will wash away the nutrients and liquid fertilizers, and the plant’s growth will greatly slow down.

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How To Fix Overwatered Yucca Plant

Once you notice the first sign of overwatering, the best way is to instantly stop your yucca plant’s water supply and let it dry.

However, If you have an indoor yucca plant and the soil seems overly saturated, you’ll need to replant your yucca in a new pot with sandy and well-drained soil. Add dry bark mulch to the ground if it’s an outdoor plant.

If root rot has already occurred in both cases, you’ll need to eliminate the damaged roots with dark spots before the disease spreads further.

To avoid this situation, ensure that your pot has a bunch of drainage holes and that the soil is always dry before watering.

Underwatering Yucca Plants

Underwatering yucca plants, or any drought-resistant plant, is highly unlikely but possible nonetheless.

If your plant looks unhealthy and leaves are turning brown and yellow, that results from a lack of water. 

A little neglect towards yucca will not affect it, but this situation can occur if you have forgotten to water your plant. The soil will most probably turn brick-hard.

Remember, the chances of underwatering outdoor yucca plants are even less than indoor plants because of rainfall accessibility, robust root systems, and natural humidity, so always check the signs clearly and never confuse overwatering with underwatering.

How To Fix Underwatered Yucca Plant

The primary solution is to give your yucca plant a good soak and let a generous amount of water flow out from the bottom. From there on, make sure to take care of your plant’s needs and inspect it every once in a while.

Even in this situation, don’t use excess water on your plant because it is a desert. Even though you might be able to tackle underwatering problems, the soil will start getting waterlogged, and you’ll face even more dangerous results.

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Signs that distinguish overwatering and underwatering

Yellow haloWilted leaves
Browning tips of leavesBrown/ yellow leaves falling off
Drooping stemsLifeless appearance and dead leaves
Brown or black rootsLooking less vibrant

How Often Do You Water Yucca Plants Summary

We thoroughly discussed yucca’s watering needs and which factors/ situations might change it. If you are a new home gardener or even an experienced one, remember that too much water and not enough water are just as dangerous.

When it comes to watering, quantity and quality both matter a lot, so set a frequency that suits your plant, and don’t neglect this aesthetically pleasing and decorative house plant entirely.

These rules apply to all species of yucca, be it yucca elephantipes (spineless yucca), yucca filamentosa, or yucca aloifolia 

This article helped you understand How Often Do You Water Yucca Plants. If it did, make sure to share it with your friends and help them out as well.