How Often Do You Water Aloe Plants? Watering Guide (2023)

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Aloe plants are fond of growing in desert conditions, so they aren’t like other plants that require frequent watering before they grow. Watering aloe plants too much will cause more harm to them than good. 

So, in this article, you will learn how often you should water your aloe plant. We will also go through other questions relating to watering your aloe plant. 

How Often Do You Water Aloe Plants?

water drop on a aloe plant

The traditional frequency for watering aloe plants is Once in 2 to 3 weeks, but some factors can influence its water frequency. 

How often you should water aloe plants is influenced by factors such as the time of the year/weather condition, the size of the aloe, the amount of sunlight the aloe plant receives daily, the size of pot they are planted in, and the type of soil they are planted on.

Let’s discuss these factors.

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Weather Condition  

As seasons change, so does the required watering frequency. 

Due to the drastic increase in temperature, and lack of adequate rainfall during the summer months, you should water your plants Once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Due to the high temperatures in the summer months, the aloe vera stops growing and enters a mode of rest, which helps it saves water.

Once the temperature in these months goes above 80°F(27°C), the plant retards its growth to save enough moisture. 

Also, in these months, the water demand of the plants reduces, and if you are not cautious, this is when you might carry out excessive watering on them.

Meanwhile, in the winter months, aloe vera requires less watering. This is because during this climate condition, how intense and much the sun shines less, the soil is moist for a longer time, the temperature is lower, and the plant’s growth rate is retarded.  

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When the frequency and intensity at which the sun shines is less, the frequency at which the soil dries is reduced, and how the plants grow also slows down, making the plant require less water. 

Also, in cold climates like the winter months, the temperature is lower, so the soil stays wet for a long time, and this means the amount of water the plants will require to stay moist is reduced. 

Note: Applying the same amount of water during the winter season as you do in other seasons will cause the plant to accumulate excess moisture, which will increase its risk of being affected by root rot.

In addition, the temperature during winter is lower, which causes the growth rate of the aloe vera plant to be retarded, and the level of water it demands to be reduced too.

You should water the aloe plants Once every 3 to 4 weeks during winter.

However, check the soil’s moisture by checking your pot’s bottom before deciding whether it’s time to water the plant

The Amount Of Sunlight The Aloe Plants Receive Daily

There are two types of aloe plantation systems, those planted indoors and those planted outdoors. 

The outdoor aloe plants are exposed to the full sun and enjoy direct sunlight, while the indoor aloe plants use indirect sunlight by placing it on the south-facing window or using artificial light such as the grow light. 

The indoor plants also use forced air, while the outdoor plants have access to light wind.

The exposure of outdoor plants to much light from the sun means their roots dry more often and require more frequent watering than the indoor plants exposed to indirect light and low light from the sun.

Note: Root rot is a common problem faced by indoor and outdoor plants, so no matter the method of planting, ensure you take your plant’s watering schedule seriously.

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The Size Of Pot The Aloe Plant Is Planted In 

If you are using a small pot to plant your aloe plant, you will need to water your plants more frequently, and this is because the water in smaller pots dries out faster than the one in bigger pots.

The Type Of Soil The Aloe Plants Are Planted On

The soil type on which the aloe vera is planted can also influence how often you water it.

Using soil that can hold water for too long will increase the plant’s chances of being affected by root rot. 

To avoid root rot, you must ensure you plant your aloe on fresh soil with good drainage.  

You can plant your aloe vera on gritty or sandy soil, as they don’t hold much water for a long time, but if you must use potting soil, ensure it is formulated for succulent and cactus soil mix.

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How To Know If Your Aloe Plant Is Over-watered or Under-watered 

a aloe vera plant

When there is much moisture in your aloe plant due to you adding too much water to it and overly frequent watering, the aloe leaves will become soft with a slacked look, and their color will change to either yellow or brown due to root rot, and will gradually change to black.  

If you notice that your aloe plant is exhibiting these symptoms, ensure you reduce how often you water it and then expose it to the sun’s bright light for a possible revival. 

Also, when there is not enough moisture in your aloe plant, the aloe leaves will dry up and bend inwards. It will also have a slacked look.

If you notice that your aloe plant is exhibiting these symptoms, ensure you water its roots properly and allow it to dry up for 2 to 3 weeks.

After it has dried, carry out the same process 2 to 3 more times, and the aloe leaves will regain their healthy look.

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How To Prevent Your Aloe Plant From Being Over-watered or Underwatered 

To avoid over-watering your aloe plant, ensure you only water it when its roots have completely dried. 

The best way to know this is by placing your hand through the drainage holes and under the pot where the aloe vera is planted and checking how the soil feels or by inserting your index finger one inch into the soil to check how dry it is. 

If the soil feels dry, it is time to water it, but you shouldn’t water it if it feels moist.  

Instead, allow it and check the bottom of the pot again the next day. If you notice dry soil after feeling it, you can water it. 

On the other hand, to avoid under-watering your aloe plant, ensure you follow the appropriate watering schedule. 

Doing this will prevent you from allowing the soil to get too dry. 

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Summary Of How Often To Water Aloe Plants

aloe in a white pot

The Aloe vera plant is a succulent plant that is built with fleshy leaves for storing as much water to help it grow even in dry and desert environments so as if you are to water it, you must make sure it has just enough water, and you also maintain the dry environment it is familiar with. 

Over-watering or under-watering your aloe plants puts them at risk of rot and a drooping look, so getting the right watering schedule for them is necessary if you want your aloe vera leaves to remain in great condition.