Are Lawn Mower Blades Universal?

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Have you seen a weird pattern just after doing your lawn? Chances are your lawn mower blade needs to be sharpened or get changed.

But lawn mower blades can be expensive, and you may wonder if replacing them with a cheap universal blade is possible.

But before you do, it can be a good idea to read this article that answers your question “Are Lawn Mower Blades Universal?”.

Are Lawn Mower Blades Universal?

Are Lawn Mower Blades Universal

No, they aren’t universal, but they are mower specific and must be replaced at the manufacturer’s specification. You must get the correct blade.

Suppose your new blade isn’t correct. Then something can go wrong, which can be dangerous, and the warranty won’t cover any potential damages. So make sure to use the correct replacement blade, and you’re ready to cut your lawn again.

It’s possible to replace your mower blade with another manufacturer’s blade as long as the:

  • The blade length is the same
  • The blade width matches yours
  • The blade thickness is just as thick as your blade
  • Hole numbers, shapes, and sizes are the same.

If anything above doesn’t match up, don’t buy/change it. Your new mower blade must be correct.

How to Know When to Replace your Lawn Mower Blade?

a push lawn mower standing still in the high grass

It’s no surprise that mower blades must be changed. It’s recommended to change blades annually or after 20-25 hours.

My lawn takes about 1 hour to cut, so I always make a mark in my calendar, and once I get 20 marks, I usually change it.

You can also examine your blades, but do this when the machine is off. I can’t stress this enough. My father’s friend and co-worker lost two fingers when he wasn’t careful.

When examining the blade, you should look for uneven edges, cracks, or nicks. Also, try to see if the blade is bent. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to change the blade.

Lastly, if you notice any uneven cuts or the grass is longer than normal., your blade is most likely dull and must be changed.

I always appreciate new and good blades on my lawn mower, and I bet you will because the maintenance of your lawn becomes so much easier.

How to Identify your Lawn Mower Blade Specification

There are four ways to identify your lawn mower blade:

  1. Check your owner’s manual
  2. Look for a part number
  3. Take all required measurements
  4. Bring in the old blade from your lawnmower

1. Check your Owner’s Manual

The best way to know which blades your mower needs is to check the owner’s manual. Inside you will find all the information you need from your mower manufacturer and what type of blade you should use.

2. Look for a Part Number

Somewhere on your lawnmower, you will find a part number. Mostly, you can see it on the side or end of the mower blade. Once you’ve found this number, you can do

Most lawnmower blades will have a part number stamped on them somewhere. This is usually located on the side or end of the blade. Once you have this number, you can quickly search for an online store that sells it.

3. Take All Required Measurements

If you can’t find the part number or the owner’s manual, you can take measurements to determine which blade you can use on your lawnmower. But as we stated at the beginning of this article, it’s essential for your safety, and the fitted mower blade is perfect. If not, send it back.

You must measure the width, thickness, and length of the blade and the distance between the holes.

4. Bring in the Old Blade from your lawnmower

If anything of the listed points above doesn’t work, look for any outdoor power equipment experts, and they can help you.

How To Measure Lawn Mower Blades

What Are The Blade Types?

There are different types of blades

  • Standard mower blades
  • High Lift Blades
  • Low Lift Blades
  • Mulching Blades
  • 3-in-1 blades or Gator Blades

How to Change Lawn Mower Blades – Step-By-Step

How to Change Lawn Mower Blades

When changing lawn mower blades, it all comes down to the model of your mower. Use the owner’s manual for a quick search to understand how it’s done.

Mostly it goes like this:

  1. Safety first, right? Start by disconnecting the spark plug wire. This will prevent the engine from starting.
  2. Raise the mower’s deck so you can access the blades easily.
  3. Lose the nuts or bolts that hold your current blades.
  4. Install the new plates by reversing the steps above.
  5. Before you lower your lawnmower, make sure everything is completely fastened.
  6. Reconnect the spark plug wire.

Signs To Look Out For

Sometimes a blade can be wrong, damaged, or badly fitted, and by using this list, you can easily spot any common symptoms that something is wrong with your blade:

  • Uneven cuts can signal that the blade is either damaged or not correctly installed.
  • Excessive vibration can be a sign that the blade is unbalanced.
  • What happens if you use the wrong blade? Clumps of grass can signal that the blade is damaged or not correctly installed.
  • A knocking sound can be a sign that the blade is hitting something. This can be due to debris build-up or not being correctly installed.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t use your lawnmower until you get it checked up.

Advantages of OEM Blades

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Blades are the best choice for replacing worn or damaged blades on a lawn mower.

  • OEM blades are produced by the mower manufacturer and are specifically designed to fit that particular model, making them safer and more effective than generic brands.
  • They perform better because they’re perfectly balanced and engineered for that specific machine.
  • They last longer since their quality is higher; if something goes wrong, you can contact the original equipment manufacturer directly for help or replace parts without hassle.

Disadvantages of Generic Blades

Generic blades may be cheaper than branded ones but have several disadvantages.

  • They are not built to the same standards as the original manufacturer.
  • Wear out much faster and require frequent replacements, costing you additional money in the long run.
  • Lack strong craftsmanship and durability compared to their branded counterparts.

Generic blades may bend or break more easily due to inferior materials and construction processes used in production.

This increased fragility could lead to major damage if your lawnmower runs over an object hidden in your grass, resulting in costly repairs or even replacing parts other than the blade itself.

Furthermore, a poor-quality generic blade can cause excessive vibrations when mowing, which can also contribute significantly towards wear and tear on other components within your lawnmower engine system, such as bearings or seals – again leading to additional costs.


Are all lawnmower blades the same?

No, they are not the same. Lawnmower blades come in different sizes and types.

Do lawn mower blades matter?

Yes, your lawn mower’s blade matters a lot. It makes the quality of your cut perfect.

Are Lawn Mower Blades Universal Summary

A lawnmower’s blade is an essential part and must be taken care of.

So are lawn mower blades universal? No, they are not. But it’s possible to use another manufacturer’s blade if it fits, but as we stated at the end: generic blades may be cheaper, but using an original blade may be the best choice in the long run.

Good luck with changing your lawn mower blade!