How Often To Water Desert Rose? Ultimate Guide 2023

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Have you planted desert roses domestically and wondered how frequently you need to water the desert plant? The way you care for the desert rose plant is unlike regular plants, as it is native to Africa and the middle east, and you need to imitate the dry conditions if you want to see these succulent plants survive. Read on to learn “How Often To Water Desert Rose.”

How Often To Water Desert Rose?

How Often To Water Desert Rose

The desert rose plant -also known as adenium obesum- is relatively difficult to grow, and improper watering could lead to a squishy stem or soft trunk that signifies root rot. These rugged but beautiful flowers do not need a lot of water to flourish, but the way you water them varies in different seasons. 

The late spring and summer months are the plant’s growing season, and this is the best time to step up your watering game. During this period, you need to ensure enough soil moisture, and the desert rose plant should not dry up before you water it again. You should also check on the plant at intervals to know how much water you need to add the next time you water it. 

Desert rose bonsai is a slow-growing plant that needs little care, but most of the slow growth occurs during winter and autumn. You should not water the plant too frequently during this dormant period, but keep observing it. You can water the desert rose once in the autumn and winter months. 

Desert rose ensures its survival by storing enough water during the rainy season. During this time of the year, it employs its roots and bulbous trunk as a storage tank. The best way to know you have adequately watered a desert rose is by observing its thick, bulbous base and comparing it to the plant’s overall size. 

An important consideration to make in the watering of desert roses is the type of soil you use. The plant requires dry, well-drained soil typically found in deserts to survive, but this does not matter unless you do not use well-draining soil like clay. This soil holds water for a long time, and you risk drowning the roots despite seldom watering the plant.

Another factor that influences how frequently you water your desert rose plant is the location. This plant loves full sun environments, as water drains faster from the soil given that enough light comes from the sun. You should choose a bright location in your garden where the desert rose will not be sheltered by taller trees. 

Does Desert Rose Require Any Special Type Of Water? 

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Desert roses are beautiful but don’t require any specific type of water to grow properly. Many people feel rainwater or bottled spring water is the best for watering plants, but desert roses grow regardless of the water you use. You should prioritize proper watering over the type of water you use for your bonsai plant. 

What Happens When Desert Rose Is Under-Watered? 

While desert roses do not require much water to survive, they can still be underwatered. It happens when you do not water the plant enough, especially during its growing season, but this does not affect the desert rose as much as it would affect regular plants. In most cases, the consequences of under-watering desert roses do not occur until after a long time, and they are more noticeable during the dormant periods. 

So, how do you know when your desert rose is underwatered? 

Typically, desert roses begin to lose their leaves if dry conditions are extreme. These leaves may also turn brown before they eventually fall to the ground. However, there is no need to panic because new leaves will grow when you water them well. 

Another sign you should look out for is the width of the trunk. The desert rose’s trunk stores water in preparation for dry periods, and this water is what gives the plant a bulbous base. However, the trunk becomes thinner than the expected proportion when the plant is under-watered. 

What Happens When Desert Rose Is Overwatered?

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While under-watering can affect the growth of your desert rose plant, overwatering comes with more fatal consequences. The root system of desert roses is sensitive to soil moisture, and these roots begin to rot if they drown in water. Root rot kills the desert rose and should not be allowed to happen. 

The best way to know your desert rose plant is overwatered is by observing the color of the leaves. You may experience leaf yellowing on an overwatered desert rose bonsai due to root rot, and thus rot can spread throughout the plant. You should spot the branches with yellow leaves and cut them off to stop this spread. 

Another sign of overwatering is pimples on the trunk of the plant. These pimples appear when excess water tries to escape, and they burst to let some of the water out. You can be sure your desert rose is overwatered if you notice these pimples, and you can check how ‘squishy’ the trunk is for confirmation. 

You can stop an overwatered desert rose from dying by reducing the watering frequency and exposing the plant to direct sunlight to use up the excess water. 

What Are The Other Ways To Care For Desert Rose?

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Proper watering is crucial if you want to see your desert rose to become a mature plant, but you should put other factors into consideration. 

The desert rose is a plant that needs as much light as possible from its natural environment. Your pot should be in a spot where it can get enough light from the sun to get the best growing conditions. However, you should protect the plant from extreme sunlight in hot areas because it may affect the leaves. 

Desert roses also require well-drained soil for healthy growth, and the pH of the soil should be around 6.0. Fertilizer is not necessary for growing the desert rose plant, but it makes it a healthy plant that produces more beautiful flowers. You can add liquid fertilizer to your plant at least once a month during its growing season. 

While you may not have control over the temperature in your location, you should plant your desert roses in areas with high temperatures. This plant flourishes in areas with a temperature range between 65 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and you should not consider planting them in cold temperatures. 

How Often To Water Desert Rose Summary

The adenium genus is one plant that thrills many plant lovers due to its toughness betrayed by its beautiful red flowers. However, the most important thing is to know that the correct watering practices produce the best results, and bad growing conditions could lead to the death of the plant. The growing season of the desert rose is the best time to take proper care of the plant, and you should also observe signs that tell you if it is improperly watered.