Salt Vs. Salt-Free Water Softeners – With or Without Salt?

Water Softeners are widely acknowledged as one of the systems that can handle hard water issues effectively and reduce the negative effects that it has on your clothes, your skin, your home’s water system, and the water-using appliances in your home like your washing machine, water heater and other appliances such as your shower doors.   … Read more

Will Running Water Softener Without Salt Ruin It?

Water Softeners are systems that need to be maintained, and one of the ways to do that is to ensure their brine tank doesn’t run out of salt. Water Softeners need salt to soften water effectively.  Salt helps the formation of the brine solution, actualization of the ion exchange process, and an effective regeneration cycle … Read more

Does a Water Softener Remove Chlorine From Your Water?

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Can you drink rainwater, and is it safe? (Answered) 

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