About RainSaucers

Are you looking for the best content about water-related topics like rainwater harvesting, water filtration, or gutters? 

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RainSaucers is a content curator and independent publisher dedicated to sharing the best water-related articles people want to know about daily.

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What Can You Expect from RainSaucers?

There are three main reasons why you should come to RainSaucers every day: 

  1. Daily tips about rain harvesting, water filtration, water softeners, and more. 
  2. Daily tips about water-related topics and how they can impact your health. 
  3. Other water-related topics. 

Who Runs RainSaucers?

Today Mattias Jonsson is the man behind RainSaucers. 

Mattias has been interested in water-related topics since he bought his first house in 2017. Over the last years, he has spent countless hours learning about rainwater, water, and filtration. 

RainSaucers History

Once RainSaucers was a small family business based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their mission was to create high-quality yet simple RWH solutions with extreme affordability.

Tom Spargo was the inventor of the “Rain Saucer” and is now retired.

Mattias has dedicated himself to continuing Tom’s legacy and educating people about water-related topics.