Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Top 3 Installations of 2016
by RainSaucers Inc. on December 12th, 2016

Every year around this time we like to look back and reflect on some of the customers we've helped in the past year. Many of these have already been covered on our Facebook page. But given that some of our fans follow us here and through our newsletter, we always do a recap at year end. This time we've decided to boil it down to just 3 installations we are particularly proud of...

Two 59" units in Southern California

On the heels of California's historic drought, this LA area customer wanted to make sure to catch as much of El NiƱo as possible last Winter. He wrote to us that "Over two days my rain gauge showed 3.2 inches of rain and the 32 gallon trash cans were filled to overflowing."

84" RainSaucer in Rhinebeck, NY

This install was at the nonprofit Ramapo for Children as part of their permaculture program, which is run by young adults with social, emotional, and learning challenges who are participating in a residential transition-to-independence program in order to move on to college and/or employment. Pictured here is there custom 84" unit installation.

14 x 59" RainSaucers in New Foundland, Canada

This photo is from the rural community of Black Tickle in New Foundland, Canada which was suffering from a clean water crisis. RainSaucers were purchased to provide individual homes with their own source of fresh water. This photo came from a CBC New article which provided full detail on the project.

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