Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Buy vs. Build: the DIY Dillema
by RainSaucers Inc. on May 2nd, 2016

Some people simply prefer to build things themselves rather than buy off-the-shelf products. We get that. In fact, many of our Prepper and Gardener customers are natural DIY types that view rain catchment as the DIY alternative to piped city water. And yet these customers still come to us for the rain collector portion of their projects. Why? Because as simple as RainSaucers are they are not easy to replicate with store bought materials. The UV resistant plastic we use in the 48" and 59" versions can only be bought wholesale.  Similarly, the base plate we use in the 84" version is a custom job. Still we often get comments on our Social Media posts that our product's functionality can be replicated by other means.

The main DIY competitor we hear about is the upside down umbrella on a bucket. We know this concept well because it's where we started. Our first prototypes were upside down umbrellas. But we gave up on that approach because the umbrellas never lasted. The material always ripped, the rod always rusted, and inversion from wind was a problem. Another DIY competitor we hear about is the Boy Scout Tarp method. Again we know the method well as it was the inspiration behind our 84" version. The 84" version fixes the problems associated with the Boy Scout method- namely that normal tarps rip from wind (we use extra heavy weight material) and you can only use it if you have trees as a an anchor. The water inlet on the 84" is also extremely efficient whereas the Boy Scout method usually has a problem with loss of rain catchment.

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