Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Now available in Texas
by RainSaucers Inc. on May 1st, 2013

After talking to a lot of Texans at the Self Reliance Expo last weekend, I now realize that opinions on RWH there are truly divided. On the one hand, you have pessimists who believe the Texas drought is here to stay and so there is no point in collecting rain. These naysayers think there just isn't going to be enough rain to justify rainwater harvesting on any scale.

Fortunately, I also ran into quite a few optimists who see the multi-year Texas drought as a wake-up call. They were the ones that pointed out to me that even in a bad year (say 25 inches in Dallas which usually gets 37) that's still more than a lot of other places (San Jose, near us,  for example only gets 15 inches).  They also understand the increasing value of water (and rain) in any drought conditions.

Two Texans who understand the value of rainwater are our new resellers. Going by the name Texas Rain Disk , Vera Smith is a Jacksonville, TX based rainwater enthusiast who plans on using the profits from her business for her nonprofit which helps area veterans. Terry Dennis meanwhile is a gardener which goes by the handle Island Rainsaucers and plans on selling units to the budding organic gardening community in Houston and Galveston.

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