Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Clean Water on the Peace Corps Packing List
by RainSaucers Inc. on December 13th, 2012

A few months back I had a nice conversation with a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) who was home temporarily from his assignment in Nicaragua. He explained to me that in countries where access to clean water is limited, the Peace Corps actually provides an allowance for clean water which can sometimes be used for implementing a rainwater collection system. My first thought was: what a perfect target for our product! After all, the 48" RainSaucerâ„¢ 
- can be checked in as a piece of luggage (we've done it before)
- deployed in minutes on whatever water storage the PCV can find locally (also done several times before). 
- with no special skills (a PCV can easily implement)

So now the question is how do we get our product in PCV hands? There are several sites on the Internet that maintain Peace Corps Packing Lists. Now we just need to get these sites to mention the product. Suggestions welcome through our contact page.

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