Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
RainSaucers for the UK
by RainSaucers Inc. on August 2nd, 2012

Ever since launching the first RainSaucerâ„¢ last year, we have been getting inquires from the UK. But each time, we had to apologize because we did not yet have a distributor there and it was simply too expensive to ship individual units overseas. But all that has now changed thanks to Haydon Robinson over at UK-based Guttermate, our latest distributor. 

Haydon sees big potential for the RainSaucerâ„¢ as a source of water for allotments. Like the US community garden concept, allotments are plots of land made available for non-commercial gardening on a rental basis. But the UK version is much bigger (between 50 and 400 square metres per person) and is often farmed by an individual or family rather than a community.

According to Haydon and others that we've spoken to, allotments are in desperate need of a rainwater based solution because the recent droughts in the UK have grearly restricted the use of hoses for non-commercial farming. And while there are sometimes sheds on the allotment from which to collect rain, they are usually small, gutterless, and far from where the water will be needed. Some allotments on the other hand do not allow sheds in the first place because of appearances.

Haydon thinks that a few RainSaucers systems placed strategically around an allotment could not only provide the water needed, but do it a convenient way without it being an eyesore. If Haydon's right we think the same concept can easily be applied to urban community gardens in the US which now have similar hose bans because of this year's drought.

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