Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Seeking Apartment Dweller Volunteers
by RainSaucers Inc. on July 23rd, 2012

Do you live in an apartment and have plants on your balcony?
Do you water them by hauling water across your apartment?
Don't you wish you could have a water source already on the balcony ready to use?

We think most apartment dwellers would answer "yes" to these questions. We also think these folks would love to make rainwater their balcony water source, if only there was a way to collect it in decent amounts. The solution: a RainSaucerâ„¢ of course. Yes, that's right we are developing a RainSaucers system just for balconies!

This new system will operate on the premise that rainfall just in front and behind the rail of a balcony is at least as heavy as the rainfall in open sky. Our theory is that wind blowing rain in combined with the drips and leaks from balconies, rails, and roofs above make for pretty good rainwater collection. At least that's the theory we want to test...

So we're asking apartment dwelling RainSaucers fans to help us prove the viability of this concept by measuring the rainfall around their balcony rail for us. All it takes is three plastic cups (taped down with duct tape) at three points around the rail as show in the below picture. Drippier spots, if any, are of course preferred. The data we need:
- diameter of plastic cup being used
- start and end date and time of collection
- amount of rain collected in ounces
- location of plastic cup on balcony (1-3 based on picture)
- number of balconies and/or roofing above you
- zipcode

With this information we can determine whether rainfall on the balcony rail is significant enough to collect and water plants on the balcony. Won't you help us? Please use our contact page to volunteer.

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