Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
How do I keep my free standing rain barrel from tipping over?
by RainSaucers Inc. on April 9th, 2012

As you might imagine, free standing rainwater collectors are much more susceptible to tipping because there is nothing shielding them from the wind. This is especially true for those long thin pickle barrels which have a high center of gravity. However, in the year that the RainSaucer has been on the market, we've seen our customers secure their systems in a variety of succesful ways. In this post we'll share with you what seems to work:

1. Securing the barrel to the stand itself is good as long as the stand is heavy. Cinder blocks are often used as a stand because of their weight and because they have holes which permit a rope or cord to go through. The below video is an example of this from our partner DC Greenworks.

2. Tying the barrel off to the ground with stakes is another option. Just run two lines from opposite points on the barrel to stakes in the ground. If your barrel has handles, they make excellent end points.

3. Surround the barrel with a few fence posts. In high winds the barrel will bump up against the posts but not tip over.

4. Surrouding the barrel with ad-hoc objects. In San Ramon, we used patio chairs temporarily until the barrel had enough water weight in it to prevent tipping. 5 gallons of rain= 40 pounds of weight, which should be enough ballast support.

5. #1,2 above via holes in the edge of the RainSaucer. If for some reason holes cannot be made in the barrel, the holes at the edge of the RainSaucer have enough extra room to accomodate a string or cord. This allows them to be be used as end points for tying around a stand or staking into the ground.

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