Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
How do I cheaply install a Faucet in a Barrel?
by RainSaucers Inc. on April 2nd, 2012

Like most common installs there are a number of approaches. Here is what has worked for us and costs just $5-$6:
- a Faucet ($2-$3), we like King Brothers SFT-0750-T Faucet Sink Celcon 3/4" (pictured here)
- a #19 O ring 1.25" outer diameter ($.10)
- a reducer bushing with 3/4" threads ($1.25)
- a 15/16" spade bit ($2-$3)

Installation is simple:

Use the spade bit to drill a hole 2-4 inches from the bottom of the barrel, depending on desired dispensing height. Then thread in the faucet and place O ring on side coming through (inside barrel). Thread on reducer bushing after O ring making sure everything is tight. If there are leaks, keep tightening until a seal develops. You may still get a little leakage from time to time but that should be minor. 

The above only work for open top barrels. If your barrel is completely closed, use the O ring on the outside of the barrel and a long arm tool to hold reducer bushing on the inside.

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