Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Viva Los Canales
by RainSaucers Inc. on December 20th, 2011

One of the places where gutters are not common is New Mexico. Rainfall is so minimal that is just doesn't make sense. So instead most traditional Soutwestern style Adobe flat roof homes have rain spouts called Canales. Canales enable roof run off to shoot out away from the house and they can be seen not just in New Mexico, but in other examples of flat roof architecture around the world.

To harvest rain water from Canales some people use a rain chain to direct the water into a barrel. Others try to catch the stream of water but this poses challenges without a large catchment area. So what we really want to do is see if a RainSaucer can achieve this. Once we get distribution in the Southwest, this is one of the first experiments we will conduct.

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