Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Monsoon Rain- is it really all at once?
Posted on March 22nd, 2010

As we mentioned in our last post , one limitation of RWH is that it only works when it is raining. This issue is compounded when the rainy season is short or when the rain comes all at once thereby restricting the quantity harvested based on storage capacity. We often hear that in India the monsoon can be problematic for RWH because while it brings a lot of rain, it tends to come all at once. Since RainSaucers works better with a more regular flow of rain over a long rainy season, we have been examining Monsoon patterns to determine if this really is an issue.

The result of our research tells us that it really all depends on location. Looking at India for example, there are places like Bangalore in the South where the rainy season is perfect- lasting 6 to 7 months with only one month (November) that may fall short of expectations. On the other hand, places like Bombay have more rain but it all comes within a short 4 month window.

So does this mean RWH won't work in places like Bombay? 4 out of 12 months is good but not as good as 7 out of 12 months. This is where the need for ways to increase water storage come in. RainSaucers currently achieves this by daisy chaining barrels together. But even that has limitations. So we are continually thinking about ways for cheaply store water. Stay tuned for more on that topic.

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