Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Cherrapunji, India
Posted on February 16th, 2010

RainSaucers, and all rainwater harvesting systems for that matter, work better in some places than in others. Annual precipitation is the first criteria we look at- the greater the annual rainfall the more rain will be caught. But this is a positive for many developing countries where annual rainfall is quite high. India for example, is home to the "wettest place on earth" Cherrapunji , India (which borders Bangladesh) where it rains an average of 450 inches per year. The runner-up for most rainfall is also in a developing country- Lloro Colombia is said to get as much rain as Cherrapunji.

Yet just as important as annual rainfall is the length of the rainy season. India and most countries that experience Monsoon again have an advantage because the rainy season can easily last 6 months. During that time, RainSaucers users can live off their harvested rain thereby sparing them trips to the local well or river. To make the rain last the whole year, users just need to make sure they have sufficient water storage for those 6 months.

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