Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
The Pesticide Test
Posted on January 25th, 2010

We are often asked about the safety of drinking rain given all the pollution in the atmosphere. Pollution is indeed a concern not just for RWH but for the environment in general. From our research, it appears that Pesticides are perhaps the most dangerous of all pollutants. Pesticides in the water supply can cause all sorts of reproductive problems not to mention nervous system and liver damage.

Pesticide contamination is more pronounced in heavy farming areas and since our tests are being conducted in San Ramon, CA (about 1 hour from the California farm belt) we were curious to see if Pesticides would show up in our rainwater, Fortunately, our tests for Pesticides have all been negative.

One factor that no doubt contributed to this result was that we started collecting our rainwater after it had rained heavily a few times, As mentioned previously rainwater is much cleaner after the third or fourth rain when many pollutants have been washed out.

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