Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
RWH for Disaster Relief in Haiti
Posted on January 18th, 2010

Even before the recent earthquake, Haiti was well known for its water contamination issues. 46 percent of Haitians do not have sustainable access to potable water, according to the UN. But now the situation is clearly worse and it has gotten us to think about RainSaucers and its application as a solution to this and other natural disasters.

Haiti is a moderately rainy country, getting around 10 inches of rain in the Spring and 10 inches of rain in the Fall. This makes Rainwater Harvesting in Haiti an appropriate solution when people have the roofs and gutters in place.

But now with many homes in ruins, the roof-less approach of RainSaucers would be ideal. RainSaucers is mainly made from locally available materials, with the exception of the funnels, which can easily be shipped. A disaster relief agency just needs to have someone on the ground to assemble the systems and they can provide instant relief.

The only catch is it needs to be raining in Haiti which unfortunately will not start in earnest until March. But since Haiti's water problems are only expected to worsen in the coming months, we think there is still value in a RWH solution which can help people get by until their houses and lives are somewhat restored.

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