Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Our First RainSaucers Test- Volume
Posted on December 18th, 2009

As promised, we will begin revealing the results of our prototype testing starting now.

One common misconception about rainwater harvesting is that you need an extremely large surface area and a huge storage tank for it to make sense. Well that’s true if you plan on covering all your water needs with rain such as cleaning, bathing, drinking, cooking, gardening, etc. But if you just want to have safe water to drink- the requirement is about 3 liters per person per day. For that, all you need is 3 square meters of surface area for every 1 mm of rain. As for storage, two weeks worth for a family of four comes to 168 liters. So a 200 liter barrel, such as the one we use, is fine as long as the barrel is partially emptied every few days during the rainy season (so the barrel never gets full).

Now for our volume test results…

During the 7 days ending December 13th , 2009 we harvested 22.5 gallons of rain (85 liters) in our prototype here in San Ramon, CA. During that time it rained 1.66 inches (42 mm). Since our prototype has a surface collection area of 2 square meters, that means we harvested approximately 2 liters per mm per square meter which is precisely what you would expect.

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