Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System

Sustainable Gardening

All the electricity required to pump water to your house means that municipal water is nowhere near a sustainable resource. Rainwater, on the other hand, is delivered free by Mother Nature right to your backyard. All you need to do is capture it.

RainSaucers™ makes that part easy with a DIY system that gives you the flexibility to harvest rainwater right where it's going to be needed, no pumping required. In addition, the food safe surface of the RainSaucer™ gives you confidence your rainwater doesn't contain unwanted roof contaminants.

See how our partner DC Greenworks is using RainSaucers™ to show school children just how easy it is to collect this wonderful natural resource!

Small Scale Farming

Small plot farmers worldwide face the same issue. They're too small to invest in expensive sources of water such as wells, ponds, or in the case of urban farmers, water treatment. Yet they're big enough to require a reliable source of agriculture grade water.

Rainwater is the obvious answer but it won't work without a means of smoothing out the distribution. A RainSaucers™ system does this by acting as an on-site capacitor. When it rains, crops are irrigated naturally while the RainSaucers™ system gets topped off. When there is no rain, farmers can simply access their on site reserves. Our own tests show that it is possible to raise "wet" crops on nothing but harvested rainwater with our technology.

The same process works with Aquaponics. A RainSaucers™ system allows backyard fish farmers to continually have rainwater available for when evaporation reduces water levels.

The below system from one of our partners shows our technology deployed in a modular formation for Aquaponics.

Clean Drinking Water

Rainwater is naturally distilled water and represents clean drinking water when it falls from the sky. It only becomes contaminated when it touches other surfaces. Since RainSaucers™ catches rainwater onto a food safe surface, it can easily serve as a source of drinking water (in developing countries. In the U.S, compliance with state regulations must be considered. See our FAQ post). The lightweight, easily transported and assembled RainSaucer™ is ready to go in the event of a disaster or in developing countries where clean water is either expensive or nonexistent.

The following video, shows the results of our work in this area through our field trial in Guatemala. In early 2013, we also released an updated install method for our customer's consideration.